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It all started with a
pond back in 1992. . .

On a beautiful winter day, two ordinary guys are sitting in their office in Fort Collins, Colorado staring out the window. They were both looking at the frozen, unused pond across the street. These two hockey fans looked at each other, and their wheels started turning right away. That's when inspiration hit them. Together they would turn that pond into a place where you could go and enjoy a winter's day like today and put that frozen water to use. Pond hockey!


They grabbed their gear and hit the ice! Having a few practice runs on Merganser Pond and enjoying some fun afternoons while doing it, they transformed what they thought would be just a regular, everyday outdoor activity for the two of them into something which brought a whole new community together. Once people heard about it, they started getting their friends, family, and even their dogs to join the fun!


Once they saw how many people came to be part of this new pond hockey community, they saw this as a great way to help people in need. Putting together different pond hockey tournaments to help raise money. The Fort Collins Pond Hockey Association is now a place to have fun on the ice and help those in need while doing it. 


Eventually, FCPHA became a 501C3 non-profit organization that aimed at bringing their community of players together to help one another and support other non-profits in Northern Colorado. 


Today, FCPHA continues to grow by offering a variety of events that focus on charitable giving while building our hockey community within Northern Colorado. 

Come out, join our tribe, and enjoy all that hockey and mother nature have to offer!

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