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A brief history

FCPHL (Fort Collins Pond Hockey League) started in 1992 on a local pond in Fort Collins, CO.  A few friends that worked at a business across from the Prospect Ponds found themselves admiring the ice when it froze over in the winter.  Even though most of them hadn't ever played hockey before (let alone ice skated before), the beckoning black ice, some encouragement from their boss and a pile of old hockey sticks provided the the opportunity for them to try.  Over time, the group that came to play on the ice grew larger every winter through word of mouth.  Regular games would take place on the weekends and sometimes on lunch breaks.  The culture they established for the ice boiled down to obeying just one rule:  If you skate on the pond than help shovel the pond.  To date, hundreds of players young and old alike have used the pond for enjoyment.  Then, 15 years ago, an idea formed:  why not go big and host a pond hockey tournament?  The rest is history.

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