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There's Something About
Playing On The Pond

In the beginning. . .

there was a pond. Then the water on that pond froze.  And the kids came to play hockey.  And, boy, was it good.

No parents, no coaches.  You just went out and did your own thing.  No refs.  You called your own penalties and the honor system worked just fine.  No fans in the stands with cowbells.  Just the roar of excitement between your own ears.  No stats needed.  As far as you knew, you were just as good as Wayne Gretzky.  Friends jeered and cheered each other on and then dropped in a snowbank for a quick rest between games Only thing stopping you was sunset.  

Playing on the pond. .

allows us to connect with the roots of this great sport.  We can return to the pure enjoyment of this simplified version of the game.

Playing on the pond is as much about the experience and the camaraderie as it is about the game itself.  We play a good game of hockey, then we join together to clear the ice for the next game.  Pond hockey is unique in that community is not only built within a single team but amongst all those who are lucky enough to share the same ice.  

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