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The Fort Collins Pond Hockey Association

Est. 1992

We Believe in the "3 C's":  Community, Charity and Challenge

The Fort Collins Pond Hockey League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that provides access to the sport of pond hockey in Northern Colorado.  We believe that hockey is best  enjoyed when it is simple, free of charge and left in the outdoors where it belongs.  It’s our goal to build community by bringing people of different ages, genders and backgrounds together to enjoy this great game.  Through our stewardship of the Prospect Ponds in Fort Collins (otherwise known as the "Home Pond"), we act to maintain the ice so that others may experience this unique opportunity to enjoy a great game in the company of great friends.  Charitable funds raised during our events are used to help develop local youth hockey programming, to support select high-value community programs, and to also support individual hockey players and their families during times of severe illness or injury.


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